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Government Schemes

1. Application for financial assistance received during pregnancy for the family of women under poverty line

2. Living below the poverty line Application form for getting financial assistance under the scheme of "Girl Rudy Correct Money" on the occasion of the birth of the daughter in the family of caste.

3. Application form for the financial assistance received during pregnancy for the family of below poverty line

Application for registration of government / geographical land for registration / trust / co-operative societies

OBC application form for receipt of book registration

Big and smoll application for obtaining a certificate for being a minor farmer

Sample Application Form for Scheduled Tribe / Scheduled Tribe Examination

Model of the house / landowner application 

Model of farm land consolidation application

Big and Smoll Farmers aplication

The application of the matter to grant an entry in the affidavit

Application for getting an example of being a farmer's cropper

Application for giving certificate of inheritance certificate

Key Features of Swarnjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana

Application form for building support

PI working under watersheds Details of A.

Application for adding name of child in birth certificate and note

Application for the Death Penalty

Application for water connection

Individual home support

Checklist for sending permission to the government for acceptance of transfer of permits / transfer / betting for the purpose of non-settlement land.

Sample application application for obtaining permission to purchase farm land under the Guaranteed Section-63

Taluka Development Officer's proposal for making / enhancing village nomination

Model of village 7/12


Affidavit for small Farmers

Application form for financial assistance to be received during pregnancy for the following family of poverty line

"Sant Surdas Yojana" application form

Scholarships for the disabled students studying in standard 1 to 8

Application for Obtaining Identity Card for Disabled

Marriage solicitation

Regarding getting a certified copy of marriage registration
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Birth certificate

Death certificate

Application form for amendment / extension of birth registration

Birth certificate application

Application form for financial assistance under the Kunwarbai Mamru scheme, on the occasion of the marriage of Scheduled Castes

Form for assistance for Scheduled Castes for human poverty scheme

Application for help under the inter-caste marriage assistance scheme between Scheduled Tribes and the South

Application for Benefit Under "Seven Fera Groups Marriage" Scheme (For Scheduled Castes)

Ghar Divada Yojana Application Form

Women get loan for cottage industries / business through banks

Sample application form to check records

Sample application for measuring

Sample application for obtaining a copy of village

Sample application for duplication

Application form for getting a family ration card under public distribution system.

Original Copy of FDV

Application form for improving birthdate

Student's application for name, surname, father's name, birth place, religion and gender change

Tribal area sub-plan, application form for instrument assistance scheme

Application form for assistance for tribal laborer cabin / poultry shop

Form for seeking assistance for building a new house under the Ramban Amravasi scheme

Application form for admission in Aadarshvari School (AJ)

Regarding the assistance of the workers for the cleaning workers to get rid of the hooliganism service.

Application form for obtaining financial assistance under the scheme of "Girl Rudy Sachimudi" "on the occasion of the birth of daughter in the family of living in Poverty Line."

Application for the development project under the Integrated Development Program

Application for the scheme of providing goat units to Scheduled Caste people under a special scheme. 

Application form for financial help for making Dhas Bank for collection of grass-fed fodder in scarcity area.

Applicants are the women of the line of poverty line. The certificate / certificate of that matter

Under the poverty line, the financial assistance received during the pregnancy of a family woman should be available.

Application for getting card for students of backward classes for college education

Application form for obtaining financial assistance under "Dairy Rudy Sachi Mudi" scheme

Form for getting assistance for creating a new house under Dr. Ambedkar ASSYCHMENT scheme

Form for loan / assistance for the scheme in the citizenship of Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Castes by Social Welfare.

Letter for obtaining financial assistance for purchase of agricultural land for SC / ST

Gram panchayat's under self employment scheme

Constitution of the Group under the Golden Jubilee Village Self-employment Scheme

Talati cum minister's 

Application form for refund under the Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana and the first one

Case paper to take advantage of accommodation under Indira Awas Yojana

Application for sanction of housing under Indira Awas Yojana

Application for permission to make raw-house-shod-lined under Indira Awas Yojana

Property Example

Under the special component plan, assistance scheme for establishment of five milk animals for undergraduate students

Application for assistance against purchase of chaff cutter under unified feed scheme / special component plan.

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